Brief History

      On Palm Sunday, April 12, 1987, Pastor Abram became the Founder and Pastor of Harvest Assembly Baptist Church (HABC) which he planted under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.  The church held services in two temporary locations. Our first temporary location was Woodlawn Elementary School, 8505 Highland Ave., Alexandria, Virginia.  After holding service there for two years, in 1989, we moved to our second temporary location, 7214 Lockport Place, Lorton, Virginia.  The Lord blessed mightily in our first four years.  On December 7, 1991, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church held dedication services and officially moved to its first new constructed sanctuary, 8008 Fordson Road, Alexandria, Virginia. Harvest Assembly quickly out grew the sanctuary resulting in 3 worship services on 1st Sunday and 2 worship services on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Sundays.  By 2003 God had once again blessed Pastor Abram and the Harvest Family to build a second sanctuary with a seating capacity of 450+ at 8012 Fordson Road. In October, 2006 Harvest purchased the Harvest House, 3111 Douglas Street which has been used both as a multi-level meeting facility and residence.  It is adjacent to the church campus which includes 1.4 acres of land. Under Pastor’s leadership, a third building project, the construction of a 1500 square feet Administrative Wing, was added to the main sanctuary.  As of 2012, the net worth of the ministry is over four million dollars.
     Since Harvest Assembly Baptist Church was founded in 1987, more than 1,500 members have joined by baptism, letter or Christian experience.  In this ministry over 70 preachers have served as associates and over 50 have been called under him to the gospel ministry and licensed. Harvest Assembly Baptist Church has also ordained eight preachers. While Pastor Abram has not officially accepted the title of Bishop, five of the fifty preachers whom he licensed are pastoring churches in the metropolitan area and some are pastoring across the United States. 
      When it was very unacceptable in Northern Virginia, Pastor Abram _???__ boldly and publicly licensed women who were called by God to preach the gospel. 
     On Saturday, November 21, 1987, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church was officially organized by the Alexandria Baptist Ministerial conference as a church with 27 members on the roll.  The late, Reverend N. Howard Stanton officiated.  The first member to join was Sister Virginia Byrd, the mother-in-law of Pastor Abram.  Humorously, Pastor Abram indicated “it’s always good to start with your mother-in-law on your side.”
      In November 1988, the Northern Virginia Baptist Association recognized Harvest Assembly Baptist Church as a church. Reverend James Brown was serving as the moderator.  Reverend Dr. Lloyd 0. Roberts, pastor of Ebenezer Baptist Church, Alexandria, Virginia, preached the recognition message.  The recognition service was held at Ebenezer Baptist Church 909 Queen Street, Alexandria, Virginia.
      For the purpose of building a permanent church home, on January 26, 1989 Harvest Assembly Baptist Church purchased 1.2 acres of land located at 8008 Fordson Road, Alexandria, Virginia in the community of the historic Gum Springs.
      On November 15, 1990, Burke & Herbert Bank and Trust company gave a commitment letter to finance Harvest Assembly Baptist Church’s construction project.  On Sunday, December 16, 1990, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church held the ground-breaking ceremony.  Harvest Assembly Baptist Church trustees closed the loan on January 31, 1991.
       In May 1991, Hans Investment, Inc. began construction on Harvest Assembly Baptist Church a multi­purpose sanctuary with a seating capacity of 160 people.
      On Saturday, December 7, 1991, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church held dedication service and officially moved to 8008 Fordson Road, Alexandria, Virginia.  Reverend Darryl Wrenn preached the dedication message.
     Harvest Assembly quickly out grew the present sanctuary resulting in 3 worship services on 1st Sunday and 2 worship services on 2nd, 3rd and 4th Sundays.
      In 1997 and 1999, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church purchased land in 3 locations near 8008 Fordson Road to build a larger SANCTUARY.
      When our hopes looked dim for financing this project of our New Sanctuary, God placed Brother David Holden and The James Monroe Bank in our path.  Over $100,000 of soft cost money toward the construction had already been spent prior to meeting Brother David.  After considerably working with us, on February 15, 2002, the James Monroe Bank, 3033 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington, Virginia, granted Harvest Assembly Baptist Church a Commitment Letter of $1,000,000 for the construction of our new 450+ seat sanctuary.
     On February 28, 2002, Gregory Construction Company, Inc., 9410 Prince William Street, Manassas, Virginia signed an agreement with Harvest Assembly to build our new sanctuary.
     In July 2002, construction began.  Ground breaking service for the new sanctuary was held on Sunday, March 31, 2002. On Saturday, January 25, 2003 held dedication service and officially moved to 8012 Fordson Road, Alexandria, VA.  Rev. Dr. Anthony Maclin preached the dedication message.
      HABC has purchased several properties, church vans, buses and a truck to be used in the Outreach Ministry, the van and busses have used to transport the elderly, homeless, handicapped or whoever is in need of transportation.  HABC for men, women, youth such as discipleship training, leadership training, computer classes, marriage seminars and other courses as needed and necessary for the body of Christ.  Also HABC birthed a number of outreach ministries, including the AIDS Ministry, Prison Ministry, Evangelism Ministry, Nursing Home Ministry, Singles and Young Adult Ministry, the Married Ones’ Ministry, the Food Share Ministry, After School Tutoring, and founded the HABC Youth Power Extension Program (Y-PEP) which targets teen and junior age groups.  In 2002, Harvest Assembly became the first church to host a Virginia branch of the Wilbur Waters School of Theology and Seminary, where Dr. Mark Jackson was the President.  HABC currently serve as a host site for The Washington Bible Seminary Extension Program.  HABC has actively participated with many Alexandria churches in the Martin Luther King, Jr. Observance celebration each year.
       In addition, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church has a very active membership of ministries, such as the music ministry,  dance ministry, building and grounds ministry, a strong men and women’s ministry, and youth ministry,  just to name a few.  As part of the youth ministry, Harvest Assembly Baptist Church has a “Back-To-School-Cuts” program, which takes place in the Fall right before school resumes.  It is a time that parents and children come together to enjoy lots of back-to-school activities, such as haircuts, hair braiding, and the handing out of schools supplies.  Truly it is a fun time for children and adults alike Harvest Assembly also has a growing education ministry, which has incorporated the “Equipped Institute” (a higher learning program) which offers classes to the membership in order to help them advance and grow to a higher level in God’s Kingdom.
       Harvest is a mission church and helped to sponsor Pastor Abram on his first International Foreign Missions Trip to the Philippians in 2005.  This was a two-week trip which allowed him to minister to the impoverished areas, under the guidance of Dr. Carroll Baltimore Senior and the CAB Outreach Ministries.  Harvest also sponsored missionaries to go to Jamaica under the guidance of Bishop Donald  Harvest Assembly Baptist Church has partnered with Rising Hope Ministries’ Hypothermia Program.  We are members of the Lott Carey Foreign Ministry.
      In 2011, Pastor and Assistant Pastor Abram were honored by the Fairfax County NAACP for their work in the Homeless Ministry.
     Harvest Assembly Baptist Church serves as a covering to several young ministries in the area including our African and Hispanic fellow Christians.  As a way of continuing to show brotherly love to his fellow pastorate, Pastor Abram has also allowed several churches who don’t have a present building or baptizing capabilities the opportunity to use the Family Life Center for services or baptism.
     Pastor Abram – “It doesn’t seem like it’s’ been 25 years.  I have been working on a number of work-in-progress items and have not stopped to think about how long it has been.”
       We are grateful for our 25 years of history.  Harvest Assembly Baptist Church has made a positive impact on the lives of many people who have passed through the Gum Springs community area.  Some have been called from labor to reward. Just as we are enjoying the fruits of our past sacrifices we hope our endeavors will enrich the lives of future generations as Harvest Assembly Baptist Church continues to …